ACE – Next Generation Heathcare

Humanetix ACE is a high performance Clinical Management system providing eMR, team coordination, decision support, and quality assurance in one easy-to-use package.

ACE technology has been proven to both increase quality of care and improve efficiency.

  • ACE is a next generation system that manages clinical workflow proven to give far greater quality and efficiency to your organisation.
  • ACE has independently quantified reliability and usability. Carers love it! It improves job satisfaction.
  • ACE saves a staggering 20% saving in nurse time. a massive efficiency in the largest cost of operation in the Aged Care sector. This is a world first achievement.
  • ACE is powered by a unique internationally patented algorithm designed in Australia.

Proven Quality & Efficiency

An ACE deployment in an aged care facility has been independently evaluated by the University of Canberra.

The 2-year (2018-2020) Government funded study showed that ACE radically improved quality, safety and efficiency.

  • Saved over 20% of nurse time on documenting care and looking for information – equivalent to injecting 15 new staff into a typical 150-bed home at a fraction of the cost!
  • Completion of resident assessments increased from 68% to 96%
  • More and better data in less time – quality score for documentation up from 56% to 94%
  • Exceptional reliability – minimal support costs and no unplanned outages
  • Transformational – staff described it as “beautiful”, “amazing” and “absolutely time saving”
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