ACE intuitive system is easy to use & quick to learn

  • The intuitive design of ACE means staff need only a few hours training, including staff who speak English as a second language
  • Proven – 100% of staff trained in our system say they believe it is helping them to do the job and 100% found no difficulty in using the system Intuitive userface means staff can quickly access all information as and when they need it 
  • Easy recording at the point-of-care saves further time on documentation. 
  • Shortened shift hand-over as resident-centred care schedules are continuously updated for all rather than belonging to individual clinicians

Fast and inexpensive to maintain

Incorporate better practices, respond to government changes quickly

  • Easy to change and update — by configuration, rather than expensive software coding – no other system has this rapid flexibility
  • Clinical staff are able to make changes to suit workflow, clinical and administrative adjustments
  • Fast, low-cost re-engineering for rapid changes in compliance requirements

Big increases in Quality

Includes best practices that give greater choice and dignity to residents

  • Best practice, automated care planning, with reminders and alerts for staff to implement required care
  • Drives continuous improvement & innovation
  • Quality-assured care, with all the data required for audits and reports

Better Documentation

Huge increases in both quality and completeness of documentation

  • Far more individualized and detailed information
  • Data-driven clinical and business decisions
  • Accurate, complete digitized data to acquit accountabilities and manage risk
  • Real-time business insights, analytics & compliance

Most reliable in class

Proven reliability in trial conditions. No unplanned outages, ever!

  • ACE is highly reliable with no significant unplanned downtime – even for new system deployments
  • Our 24/7 helpline receives on average less than one call per facility per quarter

Simple to use

Clinical roles for privacy and ease-of-use

  • Orchestrates care using a patented system
  • 18 different clinical roles (nurse, allied health, doctor, etc)
  • Clear instructions for all staff according to their Roles reduces errors

Increased Productivity

Proven productivity jump (20% saving in nurse time)

  • Staff complete records as they provide care, which is substantially quicker and more accurate
  • Positive staff experience because they have time to care
  • No paperwork, easy recording at the point-of-care

Workflow Transformation

Streamlined care planning, recording and shift handover

  • ACE supports care planning and recording through a streamlined and intuitive user experience for best practice care
  • Shift handover is reduced and can focus on the deep needs of the resident
  • No printed records required for shift handover


Genuine paper-free operation

  • Replaces the paper forms previously used to document care
  • 1,000+ facts about the resident and 360+ activity specifications, including many previously not recorded

Easy integration

  • ‘Plug and play’ capability through REST and/or FHIR APIs

Cloud hosting

  • Enables scalability and low infrastructure costs
  • Information entered once only and then available securely anywhere, anytime through the Cloud


Secure, future-proofed platform

  • Secure, future-proofed platform for emerging technologies in health and aged care
  • Role-based access
  • Containerised data with point-to-point encryption

Better resident experience

More staff time & individualised care

  • Staff have more time to respond to patients needs
  • Staff have more detailed, easily accessible and accurate data available to provide individualised care to patients