Trialled and Proven

Humanetix functionality, unlike other hospital systems, is grounded in hard evidence of clinical value. No other system has the researched capability of ours in the hospital sector.

Our system has been developed over 8 years with extensive input from clinicians. Development included focus groups, structured ward observations, clinical simulations and culminated in a live clinical trial hosted in a Melbourne public hospital.

The system showed the ability to adapt quickly and cost-effectively to changing clinical needs. During the course of the trial, 57 changes were implemented in response to user feedback, without defect. This agility and system architecture set new standards for implementing and improving the delivery of healthcare across all providers within the continuum of care.

Key Findings

The trial showed that nurses’ familiarity with the system evolved quickly, as did their confidence using the system.

Findings included:

  • The time nurses spent on documentation more than halved.
  • The time nurses spent interacting with patients increased three-fold.
  • Time spent planning, assessing and implementing patient care improved by more than 30%.
  • 60% of nursing documentation took place at the bedside, compared to just 24% previously.
  • There was a 15% overall increase in the proportion of nursing activities performed at patients’ bedsides.

Participant Feedback

Participating nurses confirmed that the system assisted them with care implementation – both by freeing up time to concentrate on patients and by providing prompts and reminders on scheduled care.

Nurses identified that the system helped them by:

  • Reducing interruptions and the need to multi-task.
  • Eliminating the need to hunt for documents.
  • Assisting compliance with clinical care guidelines.
  • Enhancing compliance with standards for patient identification.
  • Making it easy to create accurate records-of-care.
  • Making it easy to access records needed to inform clinical decision-making.