Humanetix Products

We have developed our software into a suite of unique, next generation products that serve society in a number of sectors.

Health CARE

Unique safety-critical and adaptable workflow systems which have been clinically proven to greatly improve safety and cut down the time taken away from patients by admin.


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Aged Care Ecosystem

Safety-critical systems proven to improve resident safety and quality while improving the running efficiency of residential facilities. Investment payback may be less than 6 months.




Next generation ERP workflows, administration systems to streamline administration and make all manner of teamwork safer and more efficient. Humanetix systems have been uniquely proven to cut administrative overhead and improve the safety and quality of workplaces.

Defence Forces

To quote one enlisted Doctor on Humanetix workflow systems for use in Defence applications "managing personnel health with a workflow engine like this is like having a guard rail at the top of a cliff, as opposed to what we have now, which is a row of ambulances at the bottom".

Software Features

Easy integration

‘Plug and play’ capability through REST and/or FHIR.

Agile & Configurable

Most changes are made via system configuration rather than via re-coding.

Data Integrity

Any device, anywhere operation for point-of-care clinical information and easy data input.


Active directory compatible, supports OAuth sign-in, encrypted point-to-point communications and more security features.


Stateless multi-instance demand driven server architecture lets you take advantage of the best features cloud has to offer.

Best practice care

Decision support includes auto-generation of suggested care plans based on outcomes of patient assessments.

Patient/Relative empowerment

Includes defined access to allow patients and relatives to contribute to care.


A common, real-time data set for all clinicians wherever they may be located through the cloud.

Advanced data analytics

Unique data quality assurance mechanisms give you unparalleled data quality. Next generation concept of operations and maximum value for minimum user overhead offer improved data volumes. Quality volume data offers the best insights through analytical tools and dashboards.

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