Aged Care Ecosystem ACE Case Study

The Australian Government contributed to the 2-year development and deployment of Humanetix Aged Care Ecosystem (ACE) in an aged care facility beginning in June 2018. The University of Canberra conducted an independent evaluation on the impact of the technology on care quality and on the efficiency of care delivery. 

The findings were that ACE improved the quality of care while increasing efficiency, including a 20% saving in nurse time. 

These results were achieved despite the added stress and workload on staff resulting from the COVID outbreak. This is a massive efficiency in aged care facility operation, the largest cost centre in the sector, far greater than available from normal transactional business systems.

Clinical Trial

An independently evaluated clinical trial showed the capability of the Humanetix developed health care system to improve quality of care, reduce costs and increase nurse work satisfaction. 

The Humanetix system has the proven ability to adapt quickly and cost-effectively to changing clinical needs.