We create next generation technology products that serve people.

Our mission is to take care of the systemic problems giving users more time and energy for the real and important tasks.

Our advanced platform technologies also reduce the cost of owning and maintaining highly sophisticated and performant systems.

We uniquely simplify the overheads of using IT systems, making the next generation of IT possible; our systems are designed to constantly evolve and retain their place in this age of disruption.

If you can imagine a workflow, we can help make it a reality.

Our Products

We are at an exciting stage in the Humanetix story as we launch and seek strategic partners and investment in the initial line of VIE-backed products.

Our initial growth areas include hospital systems, aged care, defence and next generation workflow systems.

Our core technology is unmatched, market validated, and internationally recognised.

Our Story

Humanetix technologies have been developed as a response to the way IT systems can distract from rather than effectively support core responsibilities.

Current generation systems function like a virtual filing cabinet requiring extensive navigation in order to retrieve or record information.

Next generation Humanetix systems apply clinically devised rules to present relevant information and create records automatially.

This technical breakthrough is dedicated to hardworking healthcare workers who cared for our founder’s daughter through her fatal illness.

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Executive Team

Our executive team combines knowledge and experience from a mixture of business, government, scientific and other disciplines with a shared vision to serve society. We are excited to be at this stage of revolutionizing systems that do critical work for people.

Team member
Matt Darling
System Inventor and Director
Matt is the inventor of the Humanetix platform. Matt has designed highly successful and disruptive new IT systems for both the military and civil sectors over a 20 year career, fulfilling Chief Systems Architect and CEO roles.
Team member
Lindsay Bevege
Chief Executive and Director
Lindsay has worked as a management consultant for 15 years, specialising in the science, technology and health research sectors. Before that he was a General Manager of Public Affairs, CSIRO and worked as a Diplomat in South-East Asia.
Team member
Malte Stien
Chief Technology Officer
Dr Stien was awarded his PhD by the Berlin Technical University in 2002 for his work on monitoring and simulation systems for robot-assisted surgical interventions. He has numerous scholarly and technical publications to his name and is expert in medical and safety critical systems development.